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How can you boost your cognition with the help of herbs? These are the 5 best herbs for your cognitive performance!

01/29/2018 11:16 AM

Become smarter with these 3 herbs

How can you boost your cognition with the help of herbs? In this article all about the benefits of Ginko Biloba, Gingseng and Lavender.

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Nootropics give you the opportunity to take your cognitive abilities to a higher level. You can take it for more concentration, better memory or more focus. But what if it goes further, for example when you intervene directly on your body with electronics. What does this mean for society?

What is the most important nootropic there? What kind of supplement can you take with the greatest impact on your concentration, memory and focus? The answer: it is not a pill, it is sleep. Why is your sleep so important? How can you improve your sleep?