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What is the most important nootropic there? What kind of supplement can you take with the greatest impact on your concentration, memory and focus? The answer: it is not a pill, it is sleep. Why is your sleep so important? How can you improve your sleep?

09/25/2017 06:47 PM

Mind your brain!

How much attention do you give your brain? What benefits does it have in your life to make sure your brain functions optimally? What is the effect of brain optimization? In this article everything about the shift of focus on the body to the brain.

Paneuromix ®

Paneuromix ® has evolved now for four generations to provide your brain with an effective and balanced nootropics. All levels and dimensions of brain activity are boosted, in this way your cognitive level transcends above your normal level. This will give you more cognitive space, faster processing speeds and easier memory recall. 

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How to get all of your stuff in a laptobag?

The most annoying thing for me when it comes down to traveling are in my eyes

1. Packing the bags,

2. Checking-in luggage (and potentially having it stagnate somewhere at a transfer) and

3. Worrying about my stuff, especially pickpockets (although I was never a victim, just the concern works on my nerves).

To overcome these things I came with some solutions during the course of the last years. I systematized and reduced my packing list plus I added some gadgets that make my trip safer and hassle-free.

Nowadays there are nice carry-on sized travel backpacks, like the Tortugo, but I was able to bring down my luggage to just a laptopbag. I use a Google Keep list and check the boxes after adding it to my luggage so there is no chance of forgetting something, in this way I conquer point 1. Besides this I use quick dry and moisture-wicking clothes along with some other solutions to conquer point 2.  In the list you will also find some gadgets that make my trips safer. Here it is, below it you can find explanations about the objects:

01/11/2017 02:42 PM

One day on Paneuromix

When you never tried Paneuromix it can be hard to imagine the effects. The 2 page review that dropped in our mailbox can help you to get a better idea with nice metaphores. It is translated from dutch, so some expressions might be translated in a uncommon way, but I think you will get the idea.