want a full mental upgrade?

stay sharp and be ahead of the competition

  • Do you want to maximize your potentials and realize your dreams?
  • No more cluttered mind and wasted days
  • Take the pills and experience a full day of mental clarity, easier recall and better planning

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Have you always felt the urge to fulfill your full potential?

To work with much more effectiveness and enjoy developing yourself and enjoying your life with the available free time?


planning and organizing

when you don’t want to be all over the place

Nowadays we are easily overwhelmed by all kinds of information. A small boost in brain activity can regain oversight.

stay concentrated to what’s important

exams are like a walk in the park

With more sustained focus straining activitites like exams become easier to manage.

Reasoning at a higher level

when you don’t want to be all over the place

With a fresh and keen mind it is easier to solve problems.

your memories are secured

when you don’t want to be all over the place

Where are my keys, what is his name? With an enhanced memory these questions belong to the past.


it works

concentrate on what really matters

Nowadays we are overwhelmed by information and possibilities for living. If there is an age with freedom and opportunity it is now! Unfortunately it is not always easy to find your path in this complex world. Often we fall back in routine and hard labour in order to tell ourselves that we live up our potential and we don't miss out on opportunities. NZT.2 by Paneuromix boosts your cognitive level, in this way you can evaluate your life from a higher level and make better decisions.

preserve your memories

your childhood is important so why not remember it forever

For most people childhood memories are the most beautiful. A time of endless exploration, new impressions and feeling carefree.


Customer opinions

people who used it, speak their minds

Paneuromix collects reviews by sending "after-purchase emails" about two weeks after receiving the product. these reviews can be recognized by the text: "Verified buyer". This way we collected over 100 international reviews. Besides this some people spontaneously leave reviews, we always check if the person really used our product.

  • Adam Hamilton

    Ironman Triathlete

    Amazing on another level

    Such a great product really good for clean mental energy and focus. Find myself coping with high amounts of work with lazer like focus and fantastic for creativity.

  • Marco Fichera

    Billiards player

    Very good product!

    This product is a very good for achieving more concentration playing pool and snooker. Helps me trough long tournament days , when I need a very high focus for the hole day.

  • David Khizanov


    Incredible results

    I would like to share my experience about this excellent product! I'm a student and I bought NZT.1 some months ago when I was preparing to my first exams. I was impressed how this pills helped me. I studied all the exam mat

  • Jonas Niber


    sehr gutes produkt

    Habe es getestet um mich besser konzentrieren zu könnnen und es funktioniert.
    Absolut zu empfehlen.
    Immer wieder gerne.

  • Marie Camel


    Très bon complément

    Produit efficace , qui permet d'accentuer la concentration et de la maintenir .Une source d’énergie très bénéfique.

  • Bishop Cedric Leopold



    Acuité mémorielle, capacités boostées, surclassement mental.

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