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Top Nootropics


Here is a list of 4 top nootropics

1. Alpha-GPC, known as the best acetyl-choline precursor, scientifically proven to boost acetyl-choline levels in the brain and superior to other precursors like plan choline or CDP choline. Alpha-GPC has to be taken for a longer period to reach full potential, at least a week is preferable, but also short-term use can significantly influence memory, attention and comprehension. Alpha-GPC is known make speach and coordination more fluent.

2. DMAE, also known as Deanol, is also a acetyl-choline precursor. It’s unknown to what extent DMAE directly influences acetyl-choline levels in the brain. A part of DMAE is metabolized by the liver into choline. this choline cannot enter the brain. Another part of DMAE crosses teh blood-brain barrier, there DMAE can settle itself into membrames and influence fluidity, permeability and act as an anti-oxidant. Due to its performance enhancing effects DMAE is listed in the doping-list of WADA. As a normal non-professional sportperson it’s save to use DMAE, its known for its energizing and mood enhancing effect. When you use DMAE you feel clear and light.

3. Ginkgo biloba extract is widely known as a booster of cognition. Partly ginkgo acts as a vasodilator hence increasing bloodflow in the brain. Due to increased bloodflow your neurons get more nutrients especially oxygen. According to Dr. Amen well known for his SPECT scans brains on ginkgo biloba are the nicest ones. Which means perfusion is good throughout the whole brain. Ginkgo also works as a noradrenaline reuptake inhibitor. This keeps noradrenaline longer in the synaptic cleft allowing it to work longer. That’s why using ginkgo gives you a mildly boosted state of mind.

4. Racetams are a family of molecules that act on the brain with a pyrrolidon core in common. There is no defined mechanism of action for this group, they seem to have a complex mechanism probably acting on neurotransmitters as acetyl-choline and glutamate. One way of acting is by activating glutamate receptors that are also localized with choline receptors. In this way they prevent acetyl-choline from being broken down hence giving choline a longer time to work. There are many racetams, the initial, piracetam is the most known racetam. Racetams are a subtype of drug class called ampakines.

Top nootropics

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