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Smarter Brain

What can we do to get a smarter brain?

First the bad news, 99,9999% (estimation ;)...) of our brain is determined by our DNA and not by environment, stimulation, food, nootropics etc. Just think about it, you can stimulate a rock as much as you want, it will just keep lying there, no learning can take place. Or think about a chimp, we can try all kinds of techniques, but human like cognitive skills seem far out of reach. This insight reveals the paradox of intelligence, we need highly determined specialized DNA to be able to learn good, have cognitive flexibility and adaptiveness. We are extremly determined in order to be not determined.

The good news is that there is certainly space for improvement. A common known effect for example is the increase of IQ scores every generation makes over the last 100 years, also called the Flynn effect. DNA cannot change fast between generations, but environment can shape the brain in order to perform better. Part of the Flynn effect can be attributed to a more stimulation environment every generation had and another part to better nutrition. Also children’s games more and more look like tests that are used for IQ tests.

The Flynn effect is a profound effect over generations but what about your own personal flynn effect? Can you boost your brain to be smarter than you are at the moment? Intelligence is a multifactor score consisting of scores on memory, speed, comprehension and cognitive skill. A lot of people think IQ is a stabile figure not to be influenced, somehow a sort of magically determined atrribute of somebody. Yet if we would ask somebody if he or she could improve memory or focus many would agree there is at least a little bit to gain.
Improving memory and focus is clearly possible by using dietary supplements as a lot of research shows up. For example a study at the university of Northumbria shows a clear improvement on memory and concentration when using a combination of ginseng and ginkgo biloba.

Other subfactors like comprehension are only known to increase based on personal anecdotes. The fact is that at the moment there is no serious study on nootropical usage. Research on brain enhancement is largely driven by pharmaceutical companies looking for cures on cognitive decline. That’s why Paneuromix is making preparations to really study the cognitive effects of NZT.1 a nootropical formula developed based on research, field-testing, anecdotal reports and common sense. In this way we hope to contribute a bit to this blind spot in science.

Our philosophy is that we are sure to be able to improve memory, focus and mental energy and this at least facilitates also higher cognition and comprehension. Another point of view we have is the following. imagine growing up in 1960 but having the environmental conditions like in 1990, better toys, better education (private for example), stimulating parents etc. than based on these effects your IQ would already be 10 to 15 points higher on average. With NZT.1 we think we can contribute to a little bit of your personal Flynn effect.

Smarter brain

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