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Beginner’s Guide for Making Your Nootropic Stack

Just to be on the safe side, let’s first define some things right here at the beginning. First of them being to explain what nootropics are, and the second of them to explain what a nootropic stack is. Nootropics are chemicals that improve our brains. They improve our cognitive abilities, our focus, memory, creativity and other functions that are needed in everyday life. The nootropic stack is your combination of different nootropics and other active substances which will help you learn better, focus harder and achieve more. Actually, you will be able to make your own combination of nootropics that works the best for you, but here are some basic ones that you may consider using.

Alpha GPC

This ingredient is actually responsible for your focus and short term memory. In order to boost your memory and study harder, you will need to get those facts into your short term memory first. This is where Alpha GPC can help you the most. The natural source of this chemical is soy lecithin.

L – Theanine

This is one of the safest and the most common nootropics to use. It gives you that nice boost of mood and that extra edge when performing everyday tasks. Another very good thing about L - theanine is that it balances your stress level. This means that if you are too stressed out, it will tone it down, while if you are too relaxed and your mood is down, it will elevate it. This substance is almost exclusively found in the tea plant. Therefore, if you are planning on taking it through natural sources, consider replacing coffee with tea.


This substance is very important because it boosts the effects of the choline that are essential to your brain’s functions, which are already present in your body. More precisely, DMAE helps producing acetylcholine which is essential when it comes to forming connections in your brain. Therefore, the DMAE intake is very good way of making your brain work better. Natural sources of DMAE are salmon meat, anchovies and sardines.
These are just some of the nootropics that need to become a part of your nootropic stack. However, as a novice in these things, you may want to start with the nootropics stacks that have already been dosed correctly for you in a form of pill. Do your research and find out about the nootropic stack like NZT.1 that already have done all that research and study for you and make a pill that you just need to take and enjoy the effects.

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