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Tips to Actually Improve Memory the Fun Way

When you think about the ways to improve memory, the first things that come to your mind are boring memorizing of your lectures, eating food that you are not that crazy about or those hours of cramming for your tests that you hated. However, boosting your memory doesn’t have to be that hard. Actually, the ability to memorize things can be fun. Also, it can be practiced and exercised and here are the some tips on how to do it.

1. Make everything a fun story

This type of memorizing things will easily make you remember things that you never could, like long streams of numbers or some sort of classifications. Let’s say that you need to remember a long array of numbers like 876522092. You don’t have to remember it as a whole, but separate it into smaller numbers and associate them with something that you already know. It can be like this: 87 is the age of your granddad, 65 is your jersey number, you were 22 when you won the big match, and 092 is the area code of Auckland. You can memorize the whole thing by thinking of a sentence as: my granddad in a jersey won the big match in Auckland.

2. Play memory games

These are everywhere nowadays. You can find tons of them online and you can also play it with your kids and their memory cards. They will be very happy that you have joined them. It will be fun for both of you and it will improve your memory. It’s all about practice. You can also play memory games on your own in new places. If you have a minute at the airport, close your eyes and try to remember as many things as you can. Then open them and give yourself a point for every object or a person you guessed.

3. Involve all senses

You cannot really remember everything from the last week, but you don’t have those kinds of problems when you are trying to remember something from your childhood. Sometimes, memory has a lot to do with emotions involved and also, it has a lot to do with all the senses involved. You are more likely to remember a cake that you have seen, tasted and smelled than the one that was simply on the table in front of you. Therefore, get those memory mechanisms working by playing memory games and guessing games that involve listening, smelling, touching and seeing things as well.
There are many memory techniques available today. Everything from hard cramming to drawing fun mind maps work for certain people. The important thing about memory is to never stop challenging it and practicing it and it will improve. However, you can and should make it fun.

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