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Improve Brain Functions by Sleeping

You will find tons of online resources and numerous sites and publications that offer you many ways to improve brain functions. Some of them talk about proper eating and regular food intake. Others are based on exercise and good mental input, like reading and other challenging mental activities. Certain number of them recommends supplements and all of them are right. However, all these things will not have much effect on the brain if you don’t give it a rest. Here is how and why rest and sleeping are essential for you to improve brain functions.

Why is Sleep Important?

The first and the most obvious answer to this question is – rest! However, we all know that without sleep, we don’t function properly. The thing that happens is that our neurons need to shut down from time to time in order to restore. While we are awake, neurotransmitters regulate our state of being awake and they retrieve while we are asleep. Think of your brain as of a complex computer. As its working memory is all clogged up with the info it needs to perform all the tasks, it needs to be rebooted from time to time, to have a minute or two to categorize all those data and store them properly. Otherwise, it shows some glitches and issues.

How Much Sleep Do We Need?

It depends on many factors. However, you can honestly say that the average amount of sleep that an adult needs is about 7-8 hours. Some people feel that five hours is enough for them, while others don’t feel properly rested without 10 hours of sleep at night. While we are awake, out body builds up the level of adenosine in our blood and that is what makes our drowsy and sleepy. While we sleep, this chemical breaks down. Therefore, we need as much sleep as needed to break down adenosine. Enough sleep is when we don’t feel drowsy during the day.

What If We Don’t Sleep Enough?

The consequences of sleep deprivation are many. The symptoms range all the way from drowsiness to certain death in severe cases. If you get severely sleep deprived, there is no way that you will be able to improve brain functions. First ability that gets affected is out ability to solve math problems, after that, verbal ability and focus get all shattered. More serious symptoms include hallucinations and immune system failure.
If you think about your brain as of a machine, the comparison will clearly point out that a machine that works non-stop wears off more easily and quite prematurely. The machine that has been working for too long will start to heat up and the parts will begin to deteriorate. Therefore, give your brain enough time to cool down, reboot and get ready for the new challenges that the new day brings. Only then will you be able to properly improve brain functions and make the most of your exercise, learning and brain supplements.


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