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How to keep your mind sharp

The brain ties the nervous system together. This is the most wonderful body structure that has the capacity to control things, make life more beautiful and meaningful. Because of the creativity of the brain, every individual is unique. It is responsible for every person’s deepest interests as well as the deepest thoughts. This human structure is that one that makes human race great. It is the overseer of the complicated and interrelating workings of the human body. It is made up of many nerve cells that make the brain something to be happy about because of its capacity to allow the human intellect to become better as it guides our behaviour and thoughts.

The brain is the control center of the entire nervous system. It is the most complex and intricate. Without the brain, our body will just simply shut down. It is like a body machine wherein everything depends on it to function. The brain never cease to work, it keeps on functioning even if you are asleep.

The surface of the brain is not smooth. It is wrinkled or convoluted. The surface consists of cell bodies while the interior of the brain is composed largely of axons or axon terminals which carry impulses originating in the cell.

So? How to keep your mind sharp

Since the brain is very necessary and highly delicate, it is then so important that it is protected and preserved. It must be made sure that the brain is well taken care of. With this, here are the tips on how to keep your mind sharp:

  1. Avoid any injury to the brain. A concussion which is an injury to the brain due to severe blow or jolt may produce unconsciousness or may produce some permanent effects upon brain function. Damages to the brain are irreversible, therefore take care that young children do not fall on their heads or their brains may be injured. 
  2. Avoid emotional conflict. Emotional conflict stirs up a storm of impulses which may cause the outpouring of too much acid from the stomach and which in turn may cause stomach ulcer. As for the brain, it will create confusion as to what appropriate thing has to be done. Problems are always part of life and have to be accepted and think that God has something better for you to have. Nobody in this world is completely spared from having problems that is why the only way to get through it is to learn in accepting them and work around possible solutions calmly.
  3. Rest and sleep are necessary for a healthy nervous system. Change of work or activity is a beneficial kind of rest to the brain. Like for example, do not force the brain to overanalyse situations when relevant ideas are not yet present, shift for a while unto something lighter for the brain to deal with and just go back with the other one once the mind has relaxed. Never allow the brain to overwork. Allow some intervals on the vigorous usage of the brain. Ad of course, never miss sleeping, because sleep is rest for the mind.
  4. Sunlight and fresh air are necessary so as to give the cells oxygen needed for proper functioning. Like the plant, when it is exposed to sunlight and receives oxygen it grows and bear fruit. So when the mind was able to receive these relevant materials, it will also work properly and will be able to produce necessary outputs for important tasks.
  5. A well-balanced diet will supply every cell in your body with the kind of foods it eats. Certain diets also have components that may be used to enhance the nervous system especially the brain. Nutrients, remember, are important components of the cells so they are able to have energy for proper functioning. Metabolism will allow the cells to covert nutrients into energy so that the mind and the body will remain active throughout the day. 
  6. Avoid taking alcohol and other drugs. With alcohol and drugs come several disadvantages and complications. When drunk, you may meet an accident or when a person is under the influence of drugs this person cannot perform mental tasks appropriately. Other than that, prohibited drugs results into shrinking of the brain and in worst cases may lead to a mental illness like schizophrenia making an individual become incapable of proper thinking.
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