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How to Enhance Memory by Exercising

Besides the supplements and the good foods that you should take, in order to keep fresh and to make your memory really work, you need exercise as well. Exercising regularly doesn’t only keep your body fit, but your mind and memory as well. The question remains – How does it happen? How come that the exercising boosts our brain?

First answer is the increased blood flow. As we exercise, our heart rate increases, heart starts working harder and the blood reaches all those corners of our body more efficiently and effectively. With blood comes the precious oxygen and it feeds the brain cells. Once properly boosted by the oxygen, the brain cells work harder and better so your memory increases.

The part of your brain that is responsible for your memory is called hypothalamus. This part of your brain is actually pretty small. With years, this part of your brain decreases. If you exercise, the blood will feed not only the brain cells, but the other tissue as well. Therefore, you will keep your hypothalamus from shrinking and make it vital longer. This is one more way how exercise is beneficial to your health and how it may enhance memory.

Exercise is also responsible for the increase of norepinephrine in our bodies. This chemical has multiple roles and one of them is to act as a neurotransmitter. Therefore, exercising will increase its production and it will influence our memory and the general wellbeing. At least half an hour a day of any sort of aerobic activity will trigger the production of the norepinephrine, and that is just what you need to make those synapses and connections stronger.

All these effects listed above are the ways how aerobic exercise boosts your brain and increases your ability to memorize certain things. However, there are more ways that you can exercise. Let’s now forget about the mind exercises that all of us should do. Medical researchers have shown that brain can increase its functions if you exercise it regularly. Therefore, besides all the benefits that you get by running, swimming, jogging and cycling, solve a crossword or two or try to memorize the names of all your ancestors, for example. Build up your body and your brain, as well.

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