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Easy steps to be on top of things

Easy steps to be on top of things


Have you ever aspired of being up there and be looked up to by many? Was it a dream of yours to do the things you want to do and end up above the many others and become successful? Wishing is always free and no one collects a tax for it. But living a dream can be very difficult, much more, making it possible and be on top with it.

The world is one huge arena of survival. The moment of birth marks the beginning of a long journey of struggles to remain standing and survive. To live is never too easy, no matter whom you are, no matter what you have. Think about the many people who fought and lost; the stars who once were shining bright but dimmed after a while. Surviving the crazy environment alone is already a tedious stride so how much more to reign triumphant and be on top of things?

Truth is, nothing is so impossible for someone who dreams and works real hard for the achievement of that dream. Our mind sets the limit; it develops frustrations and hindrances to success. What is important is to open up the mind, remove the limits and believe that you can.
To be able to make this possible though, certain measures have to be followed.

The Hierarchy of Needs

For someone to be able to function to the fullest, one must be fulfilled first or self-actualized so hesitations will be gone and will only be replaced by pure confidence.

On the way to self-fulfillment, according to Abraham Maslow, an American psychologist who became highly known for the creation of the hierarchy of needs is the satisfaction of physiologic needs. This is the most vital and is the very first on the list. The physiologic or the basic needs are the base of his pyramid. According to him these needs are necessary to be met first before moving forward to the next level as these are essential to life. The physiologic needs include food, water, air, shelter and now, sex. It is very important that before anything else, the body is nourished with the right kinds of foods- those that provide energy, vitamins and minerals for the daily functioning. The body must be hydrated as well for the cells to function appropriately. The shelter is important to keep the body from harm and sex, for couples, to fulfill sexuality and the nature of man.

After the physical needs have been met, safety and security needs must be gratified next. Safety may pertain to both physical and emotional needs. For physical safety, one must feel freedom from harm; that the body is preserved against dangers and injuries. Security needs on the other hand pertain to physical, financial and health. One must feel secured physically through the prevention of accidents. Financial security is achieved through the acquisition of a stable job and necessary insurances. And finally, health security is achieved through the availability of decent health care facilities.

After the first two areas of needs, the next level to be fulfilled is the need for love and belongingness. This is very necessary as this involves emotions and relationships. This need is especially very strong because aside from the needs of the body, everyone longs for love and affection as well, may it be from the family, friends and or special someone. The feeling of being loved, needed and accepted help boost self-esteem since through these, ones importance in the world can be measured and appreciated. Deficiencies in this area due to parental neglect or rejection from other people can greatly impact a person’s emotional stability and the establishment of strong relationship among the family and peers.

The next level to be fulfilled is the esteem need. Every person has the need to be respected, accepted and valued as a person. Needless to say, nobody wants to be on a corner and be ignored by all. People often engage in good profession or certain hobbies to be recognized and be valued. Inferiority complex or the state of very low self-esteem can many times lead to hopelessness, sometimes, suicide. With a healthy self-esteem and a higher level of self-respect come hope and a strong sense of optimism over any challenges that life brings.

Finally, the one on top of all the other needs that has to be satisfied- self-actualization. This need talks about a person’s true potential and the realization of what the individual can do. With this need fulfilled, one can never become weary in doing something because of the knowledge that he can and that belief is inarguable.


The easy steps to be on top of things are truly through the fulfillment of all the human needs. Once any of the above needs is not satisfied, achieving the best in life and being on top of it is difficult, if not, is highly impossible. The Maslow’s hierarchy of needs only serves as a guide to every human being on how to live our life properly. It is also a reminder that we people are open systems wherein we all are constantly affected by the environment and everything in us is connected with each other so no aspect of our individuality should be left behind. Everything that makes us must be considered valuable for the development of the person that we are and for us to be able to reach the fullest of our potential and excel in anything that we do.

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