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Concentration Pills


Many people take dietary supplements because they want to feel better especially in the long run. Not so many people know that it’s also possible to feel better, more focused, more relaxed and better concentrated quiet instantly by taking supplements. A lot of people think that the existence of something like concentration pills is too good to be true. Well Think Twice, Meet Paneuromix.

Just like medication can influence biological processes in the whole body and brain, natural substances available in dietary supplements can influence these as well. Usually these changes are in a somewhat more subtle way having less side-effects. Biological organisms evolved in a environment with a lot of biological chemicals very often used as food, so these chemicals and our bodies adapted to be able to meet and interact.

Paneuromix developed a powerfull nootropical formula, NZT.1, containing choline precursors, herbs and amino acids that influence biological processes in the brain. NZT.1 is more than only a concentration pill. Due to the balanced mix of substances and optimized dosages it works on a wide spectrum of cognitive benefits like memory, concentration, mood and energy.

For short-term effects we searched for brain nutrients that give an instant effect. One important component is the combination of ginseng and ginkgo biloba. Ginseng is widely used especially for it’s fitness-enhancing proerties and ginkgo biloba is known for it’s circulatory properties in the brain. According to a decent study at the university of Northumbria a combination of both gives the best result. Utilisation of ginseng alone gives improvements in memory during tasks but this seems to have a trade-off with attention even while using low dosages. These trade-offs are also called cognitive costs. A combination of ginseng and ginkgo on the contrary seemed to turn down these cognitive costs enhancing both memory, attention and concentration. For this well reason we chose to include this combination of ginseng and ginkgo biloba in our formula. It’s partly this combination that gives you a sense of “brain power” while using NZT.1. A dosage of 960 mg was shown to give the best benefits while having the least cognitive costs. Normal dosages of NZT.1 is 300 mg of this combination but during examinations and other important events it’s possible to use a higher dosage. We don’t advice to use this everyday, it’s better to keep your brain nourished with nootropics but to allow for increased dosages, in this way the dosage will have it’s full amplification.

Another substance in NZT.1 having a short-term effect on concentration is DMAE. DMAE is a choline precursor that is even listed as doping due to it’s beneficial effects. Single use of DMAE will give you a energized and clear feeling, combined with the other nutrients in NZT.1 effects are amplified. You will be able to get on top of the things!

Concentration Pills

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