The owner of the apartment said she could smell it. I had to smile. The night before, my girlfriend and I had been to a garlic restaurant in Rotterdam, the Netherlands The starter was soup, the main course chicken and the dessert ice cream. But as you might already guess: the most important ingredient in all three courses? That was garlic.

Garlic is often used in the kitchen to give the dish some extra flavor. I often put a clove of garlic in the pan with onion. Only years later after our visit to the restaurant in Rotterdam I found out that garlic is not only delicious, but also healthy for you.

In addition to garlic there are 4 other herbs that are healthy for your brain and cognitive abilities. These are rosemary, Huperzine A, Alpha GPC, Rhodolia Rhosea and peppermint.


In 2007, Das, Banik and Ray's research led to roaring headlines. Could garlic prevent and prevent the development of brain tumors? The researchers themselves were not sure; the effect of certain substances in garlic was visible in a petri dish in the laboratory, but it was too early to apply the same effects to the human brain.

In addition to  benefits for your brain, other properties are also attributed to garlic. It seems to help to keep your blood vessels and heart healthy, to improve your immune system and to prevent aging. Some say that a garlic is an aphrodisiac. 

Because garlic opens the blood vessels it provides extra blood supply to the genitals. It is best to eat garlic raw. You can also take it in the form of supplements.


Herbs not only have a positive effect only when you eat it. The scent of lavender has a relaxing and soothing effect. There is basis to believe that the scent of rosemary  supports your memory. At least, this is according to study with a group of  elderly. In the study, the subjects (older than 65 years) were divided into 3 groups.

One group came into a room with the scent of lavender, another group in a room with a scent of rosemary and a third group in a room without a specific smell. It turned out that the subjects in the rosemary's room had a better memory and also a higher level of alertness.

Huperzia Serrata

Huperzine-A is a constituent that occurs in a few plant families, including Huperziaceae. It is a kind of moss and there is no known harmful side effect. For that reason this ingredient is often added to nootropics and supplements.

Huperzine is associated with the protection of new brains (neurogenesis). Scientists have conducted this research into the effect of Alzheimer's disease. Like Ginko Biloba and Ginseng, it has been used for years in Chinese medicine.

Alpha GPC

Alpha-GPC stands for Alpha-glycerophosphocholine. The substance provides an increase in cognitive performance and protects against aging processes in the brain. It mainly works in the support of the cell membrane. It also seems that it can help in physical performance, especially in endurance and strength.

Alpha GPC is in foods that can be bought in the supermarket, such as eggs. If you take Piracitam from Aniracitam (also not legally available in the Netherlands), then you are advised to take extra Alpha-GPC. The reason for this is that the racitams claim the choline reserves in your brain.

Rhodolia Rhosea

Rhodolia Rhosea is referred to as both a traditional Chinese medicine and a Scandinavian herb. The properties that are against the herb that helps to reduce fatigue (especially in stressful situations). It also has brain protective capabilities.

For the latter claim there is less scientific evidence, but the two benefits. If you are less tired and better able to cope with stress, you can often think more quietly and make informed decisions.

For this reason it is recommended to take extra Rhodolia, especially if you do not drink caffeine for a few days. It is then a substitute for caffeine that you then miss.


Do you ever order peppermint tea? Scientists conducted research with 180 subjects. As with the rosemary scent, participants were randomly assigned to one of three groups. Each group received a different hot drink: the first group got chamomile tea, the second group peppermint tea and a third group only hot water.

After twenty minutes, the memory was measured and asked for their mood. It emerged that the group that drank peppermint tea had a better short and long-term memory. This effect certainly occurred in comparison with chamomile tea. Chamomile tea resulted in lower alertness and a less functioning memory. For that reason it is often recommended to drink chamomile tea in the evening with the aim of sleeping better.


The easiest way to get a few of these substances to you is by swallowing nootropics. For example, the Paneuromix Caps contain Huperzine A, Rhodolia Rhosea and Alpha-GPC.

If you have use a clove of garlic in your recipe tonight, hang a sprig of rosemary is in your room and you drink a cup of peppermint tea, then you might have found the perfect combination!

Let me know on social media! Do you use these herbs? Or do you use other things to stimulate your cognitive abilities?


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One day on Paneuromix

1/11/2017 1:42 PM

One day on Paneuromix

When you never tried Paneuromix it can be hard to imagine the effects. The 2 page review that dropped in our mailbox can help you to get a better idea with nice metaphores. It is translated from dutch, so some expressions might be translated in a uncommon way, but I think you will get the idea.

“Three capsules a day spread across the day

First try with one capsule in the morning. No clear effect.
Second capsule: the effect starts after half an hour. A sigh of clearness rises between the shoulder blades and in the brain. The “morning roughness” glides away. A mild euphoria is tingling. It’s like the first rush of an XTC pill, but this feels more natural. A fresh brain with a clear perspective.

At 14:00 a third capsule of Paneuromix. After half an hour a comfortable mild euphoria appears.

Thought are solid and constructive. No judgmental or subversive thought appear. Paneuromix has as an effect on me: only constructive, creative and inspiring thoughts. No grinding thoughts. My mental antenna is touched by completely other thoughts compared to one month ago, than there was clearly some “sand” between my grayish cells.

Three capsules at once

The cocktail of 3 capsules Paneuromix at once in the morning feels like a Tesla that flows through the traffic.
I flow through the Supermarket without having to think. I’ḿ not distracted and only have to watch the biological vegetables, fruits, rice waffles, oatmeal, WC-paper and a lighter.

My ability to focus is strongly enhanced. Reading, writing, setting up a draft for a communication plan, working through my emails, there is no distraction. It seems like the task automatically draws all of my attention. De focus is at one point.

When cleaning the room, preparing things for the holiday, putting the home in order for the paint, there is no doubt, hesitation, reflection. I tackle the things and continue. In short: Paneuromix support me in all I do. It bring me in a flow.

Tiredness due to lack of sleep melts away after three capsules at once. Since starting to use Paneuromix there is no after lunch dip anymore. Good news for office workers, businesspeople, heavy lunchers and aid workers under stress. My afternoondip is finished! Flow is not just one lucky moment but flows the whole day.

Meditation deepens much more easy. Yoga exercises are smoother and more focused.

Associations in the brain are faster, the memory is quicker at retaining things. Creativity, imagining solutions, writing an article, having a conversation is easier and smoother.

The physical effect is mild euforic.
Half an hour after taking three capsules a soft sigh of enlightenment rises up my chest. Cells in my body are vibrating life. The whole day I want to get things done.

Besides being more effective and focused longer on tasks it is also easier to reside in silence. To listen. There is a bigger space of awareness. It’s a powerful support for anyone doing meditation, mindfulness or attending satsangs. ”

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Top 10 Brain Nutrients for a Smarter You

There is no denying that every one of us wants to be called smart and keep that ”between the ears “ always attuned. Unfortunately, our brain cannot always function the same way over time. The wear and tear theory stipulates that, the more we use our body parts, the faster they become damaged as well. The theory has a significant point, definitely, but one should not only sit and wait for that time to happen when even the most valuable memory is gone. Truth is, according to researches, there is a chance to keep the brain healthy, and what better way but by means of accumulating the right nutrients from foods. Several studies have marked certain foods that provide brain nutrients. These foods are mostly more common than we think and are often neglected as to having that specific value.

The first one on the list are the Blueberries which, according to medical Doctor, Steven Pratt are “Brainberries”. These fruits are brain antioxidants that help reduce the risk of Dementia, particularly, the Alzheimer’s disease. It is advised that blueberries be added in the menu every day.

The next ones are the nuts. Ever been told by your parents to eat peanuts because it can make you intelligent? Well, guess what, your parents are somehow correct. Intelligence though, is innate, it is genetic so there’s no way nuts can increase your IQ a heap but it instead lessen cognitive problems as one gets older. What makes nuts good for the brain is its rich content of vitamin E that has an excellent function in maintaining cognitive abilities.

Do you love seafood? Then you must be happy to hear this. According to experiments, oysters are good for the brain. They have zinc and iron that are both beneficial for the functioning of the brain. Zinc enhances mental alertness while iron helps synthesize hemoglobin that carries oxygen which is very essential for the brain to function.

The fourth are whole grains. Whole grains are naturally healthy for the body so are for the brain. They contain folic acid that is essential for cell growth and development and thiamine that is necessary for normal metabolism and health of the cardiovascular and nervous systems. Thiamine plays a key role in the metabolic breakdown of glucose to yield energy in the body and the brain for it to function normally. Whole grains are the wheat germ, bran, brown rice, oatmeal and cereals. For commercial products, look for the whole grains sign or logo on the box container to ensure that its whole grains that make up the good.

The fifth on the list is tea. How we love coffee in the morning, but it’s important to start the day smart. Why not tea instead of coffee? A cup of tea every morning awakens the lazy brain. It makes the mind sharp and fresh so proper cognition no longer becomes a problem. It allows the brain to not only function well but to relax and prevent mental fatigue as well. Green tea or black tea? Based on studies, you can go for both.

Leafy green vegetables are our next brain-friendly food. These foods are rich in vitamins B6 (Pyridoxine), B12 (Cobalamine), folate and most of the time iron that are all beneficial for the brain functions. They prevent forgetfulness that sometimes worsens to AD or Alzheimer’s disease by which most people of over 55 years old experience. These foods are spinach, kale, lettuce cabbage and many others. As even mentioned in the food pyramid, these vegetables must be taken 3 servings daily.

The next ones are the eggs. Many say that eggs are unhealthy, but truth is, there are so many nutrients that can be taken from eating eggs including those that are important for the functions of the brain. Eggs are high in Vitamin B12 which helps prevent brain atrophy that is often seen in medical results of people with AD. It also has lecithin that is a very good memory enhancer. It must only be noted though, that eating too much egg is not healthy as this may lead to serious cardiovascular problems brought about by its high cholesterol content. One to two servings a day is enough.

The eighth is the fish. Most fish are rich in omega-3 that prevents cholesterol build-up. Cholesterol causes vascular problems as they stiffen or block blood vessels leading to inadequate blood supply causing other more serious problems. With omega-3, blood flows to all parts of the body smoothly as well as to the brain causing ample amount of nutrients and oxygen rich it. All these oxygen and nutrients are necessary for excellent functioning leading to the retention of short-term and long-term memory. The best advised fish are salmon and tuna.

Second to the last are the avocados. Avocados are rich in monounsaturated fats that are good for the body as this helps in proper blood circulation throughout the body. It must be remembered that proper blood circulation is the means for a good brain function. Just a slice of this fruit a day is already enough to keep cognition at high levels.

Finally, the last but never the least is the well-known and highly loved dark chocolate. The chocolates’ main ingredient cocoa is said to be amazing for the brain. An abundant amount of cocoa though is found in dark chocolates. Cocoa is an antioxidant that relieves the brain from toxins therefore is causing it to be relaxed and stress-free. This also enhances the circulation to the brain, thus, making it do its work properly. It seems that this is one bonus already where eating is always a delight.

The brain is one very significant part of the body as this is the main control of all our body systems. It is just necessary to take care of it while we still can before everything is too late. With some exercises, lifestyle modification and the tips above, your brain will surely never fail you.

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The uses of human memory

Can you imagine how life will be if people do not have the capacity of remembering? We rely in our memory every day. Without memory, we will not be able to recall the past thus moving towards the future will also be difficult. Without memory, there will be no sense of life continuity. Learning and experiences will be useless as both need retention for them to be manifested through change. If people forget everything that was taught to them, language and speech will be impossible. Fact is no one can function without remembering anything. Recollection of the past and making plans for the days to come all need memory. Human memory influences the ability to think and understand the behaviour of mankind. The world will be nothing if no one has the capacity to retain information. The capacity to remember is this important that it has to be taken care of, preserved and even enhanced.


How to improve one’s memory

Memory, being very vital to human existence and survival has to be given necessary attention. It is not enough to know only few things as everything that one has gone through plays an enormous role in shaping and developing the person. Given these reasons and more, memory improvement is getting much more relevant but enduring in the process of remembering something is sometimes frustrating. The fact is, our brain just can’t provide us easy information all the time, further digging is sometimes a tough work. To avoid the problem of forgetting improvement of one’s capacity to memorize things is so important, to do that, here are the simple ways of making it possible:


Try harder

» When remembering something, it is important to give necessary mental effort. This means that, the person has to understand it, organize the idea in mind and ask questions about it. The material should be related to oneself or to past experiences, in this way, the storage of the information is ensured in the memory bank.


» Give pictures to the things that are being memorized. It is easy for people to know what a church is because of the look of the building, the cross, the statues, the chair arrangement and all the necessary objects that the mind pictures out. Images are truly very important for easy recall or retrieval of the information.


» Since the mind stores organized information better than disorganized bits of ideas, it is then necessary to properly arrange the material and structure it properly for easy remembering. It is also a plus to collect all the information and put them together to make one whole idea. Outlining the text or writing them will definitely make it easier to recall.

Be creative

» For long enumerations, creativity can surely be of great help: mnemonic devices, incorporating the ideas in a song or making a poem out of them can be highly useful. For instance, rhymes are fun as much as they easily stick in the mind.

Make up

» Making scenarios of different tone and mood to memorize people’s names is another way of making a solid recall. Incidents where certain figures are prominent may be used to make a trademark for each character. For example, associate the person with things that happened in the past like a fight, argument or contests. Try to relieve the emotional state or mood during that time to give the brain more information, thus, more memories to store for easy remembrance.

Get help

» Use study aids. An example of this is the SQ3R method. This pertains to survey, questions, read, recite and review. With reading and recitation, materials are better remembered when one does not only read them quietly but recites them or reads them aloud.


» Create a story out of the items. Relate them to one another and make the story meaningful that depicts real life situation, in this case, recall becomes easier. Go over the story and pick out the ideas in order.

Use all senses

» Try to use all the senses when storing information. Sometimes, it is not enough to only see something. With only a single reference for recall makes an object, event or material easily forgotten. When one makes a lot of back-up information or trademarks like hearing, feeling, smelling or tasting supplements are made available just for one to be able to recall that one important memory.


L. Colendrino-Bucu, M. Guerrero, B. Pascual, R. Arre-San Mateo: Introduction to Psychology, 1993

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