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Boost Brain Memory


Things to Avoid if Trying to Boost Brain Memory

We all already know that things like proper foods, moderate exercise and enough sleep, combined with the brain supplements can make your brain function more properly and your memory can be boosted and improved. However, in order to maintain memory, we should also be aware of some things that can actually hurt it. Naturally, there is only as much as any of us can do about genes and inherited potential, but there are some things that are hazardous to our memory that can be avoided.

Smoking is on the top of this list. There are some studies that say that nicotine actually has a positive effect on the short term memory, but it is only for a short while. The longer you smoke, the lesser you remember. The thing is, smoking clogs up your blood vessels and in that way prevents oxygen flow to your brain. Less oxygen means less brain functions. Therefore, all the good things you do to boost your brain memory goes away with a pack of cigarettes.

Binge drinking is also a big factor of the memory loss. It is not only about those black holes in your memory that you experience together with the hangover the day after. It is also about the decreased memory altogether. The common misconception is that alcohol kills the brain cells. Actually, the brain cell count is the same, but the part of them, called the dendrites are being damaged. Those are responsible for the communication between the brain cells. That is why binge drinking is so hazardous to your memory.
Infections can cause you to have to think twice about stuff. One of the most mentioned infections that can hurt your memory is herpes. Of course, not every kind and not all the time. However, if the virus of herpes finds its way through the nerves of your face to your brain, it can have some really negative effects on your brain. Therefore, it is better to be safe than sorry when it comes to trying to boost brain memory, avoiding herpes viruses is something that you should be doing.

Bad social relations can also hurt your memory. This factor is closely related to stress that is a big memory killer. However, if you try to treat your stress related issues by having good social relationships and relaxing in that way, the scientific studies show that it will work! This works the other way around as all, which suggests that bad social skills and unsatisfactory social relations will hurt your memory ability.

With all this being said, one thing is for sure – you should have good friends and you should also enjoy your social life to the fullest. However, try to do so without heavy drinking and smoking. This recipe is a sure way to boost brain memory and lead a happy life in general. If you add exercise and healthy diet to this, not only that you will have great memory, but you will have something to remember as you will be leading full life.

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