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Be on top of the things

How to get on top of things?

Nowadays we are often overwhelmed by information, emotions, responsibilities, visual and auditive stimuli constantly arousing our nerve system and brain. On top of this due to the  transparancy of the society and media overload we get the idea that we have to be experts in all kind of fields. We constantly hear more informed people, because the change is big that somebody else knows more about a certain topic. In the past when information and media was more localized the change of being relatively more informed was bigger, we were more on top of the things. Being on top of things means that we feel control of influences and information from outside and inside us. It feels as if we can flow above this constant stream of information and don’t feel being washed away by it. Compare it so surfing. When we are in control we surf on thee wave, when we are out of control we will be taken and washed by the wave.

So how can we restore this situation of feeling more in control and on top of the things. I think we can compare ourselves partly with a computer? A computer system uses processes to complete tasks along with background tasks that are necessary to maintain continuity. When everything is fine and task load is not too high a control unit can control what computing power is delivered to what task. The interesting thing is that this control unit also calculates how much computing power is delivered to itself! When task load is increasing a critical point can be reached in which so much computational power is used that the control unit gets a lack of computational power to calculate the computational power delivered to each task AND its own power. This results in extremely slow processing and possibly a crash of the computer system.
When we feel out of control and loose the feeling of being on top of things our “system” that decides to give attention to information is overloaded and we get washed away by this information. To get back om top of things we have to boost our own “control unit”, we can do this in several ways.
One good technique is meditation. Meditation is a thinking technique with several variants. One way is to focus on a mantra. A mantra is a word that we repeat in our consciousness. A mantra can be seen as an anchor for our thoughts. When we meditate we learn, without too much strain to focus on our mantra. Everytime our thoughts wander we gently focus our thoughts back to our mantra. In this way we learn to empty and control our mind. We will feel back on top of things because we learn to switch attention and learn to decide what information we put our focus on. It frees us from automatically catching any information stream that reaches our consciousness.
Another way is to use nootropics also called cognitive enhancers or concentration pills. Nootropics can boost our ability to focus too a large extent. By boosting our focus we are allowed to get back into control of our controlunit and feel more on top of things. It might feel too good to be true, but nothing is further from the truth. Try nootropics today and see how it can improve your life. For the best effect it’s the best to combine meditation with nootropics.

Be on top of the things


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