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Around the world with less than 80 pieces

How to get all of your stuff in a laptobag?

Traveling is healthy for the brain and gives you a fresh mindset and a wealth of experiences. But the most annoying thing for me when it comes down to traveling are in my eyes

1. Packing the bags,

2. Checking-in luggage (and potentially having it stagnate somewhere at a transfer) and

3. Worrying about my stuff, especially pickpockets (although I was never a victim, just the concern works on my nerves).

To overcome these things I came with some solutions during the course of the last years. I systematized and reduced my packing list plus I added some gadgets that make my trip safer and hassle-free.

Nowadays there are nice carry-on sized travel backpacks, like the Tortugo, but I was able to bring down my luggage to just a laptopbag. I use a Google Keep list and check the boxes after adding it to my luggage so there is no chance of forgetting something, in this way I conquer point 1. Besides this I use quick dry and moisture-wicking clothes along with some other solutions to conquer point 2.  In the list you will also find some gadgets that make my trips safer. Here it is, below it you can find explanations about the objects:


  • Moshi Laptopbag Stirdy laptopbag with all kinds of extra pockets

  • Atitlan Money belt The best money belt I found so far https://www.atitlanleather.com/

  • 2 T-shirts I buy sweat wicking runners T-shirts from Primark, they look natural, without all kinds of reflective strips, so you don’t look like a peacock. I stopped wearing sweaters basically.

  • Waterproof Smartwatch Doubles as a phone, so the chance of your phone getting stolen is much smaller.

  • ExOfficio Stormlogic Jacket Has a temperature range from -10 to 20 degrees celcius in my experience, can also be used as travel pillow.

  • PantsI usually wear a convertible or a chino from BLuffworks

  • 2 boxers ExOfficio, quick dry and breathable, can easily be washed in a sink

  • 2 pairs of socks Quickdry and sweatwicking Coolmax socks

  • ShoesI usually wear Barleycorn Air shoes, these are dress shoes, but they also have air comparments and can be used for jogging/working out.

  • Swimming pants/shorts Claum Ups, with waterproof sealed pockets, in the pockets I put my Credit Cards, for payments that I need to do during the day. My wallet, smartphone and passport I leave in the hotel locker. In this way I can enter or be near the water at any time I want.

  • Storus smart belt buckle I wear these when wearing loing pants. Holds 3 Credit Cards, so I don’t have to take a wallet with on the street  

  • Laptop Just an ordinary Chromebook

  • Laptop charger...

  • E-reader/Smartphone I use a Yotaphone 2 that doubles as an e-reader, it only has a prepaid SIM, I usually don’t take it with on the road

  • 2 Smartwatch chargers Better to have a backup

  • Micro USB charger...

  • 2 micro USB cables Can’t have enough of these

  • Worldcharger I use this block from Gearbest http://www.gearbest.com/chargers-cables/pp_389799.html?wid=21 it has UK/EU/US plugs all integrated plus 2 USB ports

  • WiFi camera A Sony DSC-QX10, I connect it to my Smartwatch to make high quality photo’s

  • Toiletbag Osprey Ultralight Washbag, small and comes with handy mirror for shaving

  • Shaving handset...

  • Shaving blade(s)...

  • Toothbrush...

  • Toothpaste...

  • Toothpicks...

  • Shaving cream

  • Deodorant...

  • Suncream If applicable

  • Shower gel...

  • Earplugs To improve quality of sleeping

  • Bluetooth headset I like good audio on the road, I usually take my Harman/Kardon BT with, when it’s cold it doubles as ear warmers.

  • Passport(s)...

  • Wallet Bellroy Slim Sleeve, credit card sized wallet, you have to fold bills

  • Tickets Or if possible QR codes on the watch or phone

  • Sleeping maskTo block unwanted streetlights

  • Shakecup I’m now using Shakeplus as meal replacements for breakfast and lunch, in this way I  can have delicious dinners without feeling guitly, I usually take two cups, one with the powder, the other one for preparing the shakes

  • Shakeplus 100% natural shakes, gives a really satisfied feeling, as if you just ate several wholegreain sandwiches with cheese

  • Surflock Abus keygarage, I use this to store my car key or any other key that is on me while I’m near or on the water, so I don’t have to worry about it dropping in the water or loosing it. I usually decide to leave expensive, but not critically necessary stuff in the car.

  • Chromecast To stream series and movies, most hotels have tv’s with HDMI input

This is my take on a minimalistic, save and hassle-free (hassle-less would be a better word). I hope you can pick some ideas of it for yourself. Travel slow, enjoy your time.

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