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What If There’s a Pill That Would Make You a Perfect Version of Yourself


What If There’s a Pill That Would Make You a Perfect Version of Yourself – “Limitless”, the Movie

Eddie Morra is a writer with a writer’s block and a general failure on his way down. People stopped believing in him and his abilities, but then, he has been offered a pill that will change his life. It is a nootropic, top-secret pill, NZT-48 that unlocks the full potential of the human brain. Suddenly, Eddie has 100% of his brain working in full power. Having those mental super power abilities, he attracts the attention of all sorts of people. The movie is quite interesting.

Also, this movie raises some interesting questions, one of them being the tagline of the movie itself – “What if a pill could make you rich and powerful?” Is that cheating? Can you imagine some moments in your life when you would give anything to be smarter or to have the perfect memory? Everybody does. As the movie makers and the writers got inspired by those moments to make a movie like “Limitless”,also some people got inspired even more and tried to make a pill itself.

Fiction is fiction and real world is the real world, so the exact copy of the pill from the movie is still in the future. However, things are moving in that direction since, even now, as we speak, the first NZT.1 is on the market. Surely, it doesn’t mean that it will make you write a book in four days, but it is nice to know that there are some brain boosters and smart pills out there that give us a certain promise about the future and the way we think about the supplements. So, for now, “Limitless” is still an inspiration, but one day, we may hope to see it as a prediction of the future.


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