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What are the shipping costs?

We send the product in a package that fits through the postbox, so we can ship the product as a letter by Certified Mail through DHL. This way we keep our shippings costs low. Shipping is free from $50,-/£30,-, for smaller orders we charge approximately $5,- (€3,9/£3,-)). It will also save you the hassle of going to the post office.

How is the product send?

It is send in a bubble envelop by Certified Mail (for most countries available).

What are your rules for returns?

We are convinced of the quality of our product, that's why we give a 100% satisfaction guarantee upto 3 months after purchase. We do not require the return of unused product for a refund on the first 90 capsules. Beyond the use of the initial 90 capsules we do require the return of product. In this case we will cover the shipping costs for the return shipping.

How can I pay at Paneuromix?

You can pay by Visa, Mastercard, Amazon Payments and Paypal. Credit Card payments are facilitated by Cardgate. This connection is verified by GeoTrust and tested daily by McAfee.

Why is there no caffeine in the nootropic?

We chose a caffeine-free product. Caffeine for sure stimulates but can also creates nervousness. Besides this caffeine can be easily taken by a cup of coffee. Some people like to "activate" the nootropic even more by taking a coffee with it. By leaving caffeine out we give you te choice and possibility to experience.

What is the adviced use of the nootropic?

We advice to start the first dosage with 1 capsule in the morning. Late intake can cause insomnia. Gradually increase the dosage up to the recommended daily intake of 3 capsules. The capsules can be taken in one time. Due to the strength of the formula it will work through the whole day. When you know how you respond it's possible to take a maximum of 3 capsules extra before moments of increased mental load (6 in total).

How soon do I experience effect?

Most people experience effect within half an hour after intake. The duration of the effect is suprisingly long, even the day after intake. Continuous use will increase the effect even more. We advice to stop taking the nootropic every month for 3 days to keep up the effect at maximum potention.

Are there any side-effects? 

The nootropic effects processes in the body, side-effects are possible but rare due to the natural basis of the ingredients. Side-effects can be heachache, nausea and light feeling in the head. Don't use when pregnant.