Monnieri Bacopa

Bacopa Monnieri, also known as, bacopa monniera or "Brahmi" is a herb from India known for it's beneficial effect on the brain. Due to research more and more is clarified about the mechanisms of action. In several scientific Bacopa was shown to have a beneficial influence on several aspects of memory. In our user experience bacopa gives a clear feeling in the head, speaking seems to be more fluent, thought more coherent and thinking easier. Besides this memories seem to become easier accessible. These effects are subtile for some, more pronounced for others, generally it takes a while before bacopa becomes fully effective. Bacopa is a ingredient we included in NZT.1 for long term benefits. the effects are less direct compared to for example Alpha-GPC.

Actieve bestanddelen van bacopa monnieri

Active compounds in bacopa are alkaloids, saponines en steroles. The best known alkaloids are called Brahmine en herpestine, known saponines are d-mannitol and hersaponin. Compounds with an effect on cognition are bacopasides, bacosides A and B. Bacopa Monnieri