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While creating this product we gave ourselves a goal of making the best nootropics blend in the world. For this we used years of theoretical and practical experience in orthomoleculair therapy. In scanning other nootropics we noticed that many formulas are sub-optimal. The main points of our philosophy are:

Real-life testing

Many supplements, including brainformulas are based on several scientifically known effective nootropics plus some extra compounds purely to attract attention and increase marketvalue. Often one important step of testing the supplement in real life is forgotten in this case. We found that some possibly interesting formulas did not work as good in reality due to use of wrong capsules that affect the intestinal absorption of specific substances.


Taking one promising nootropic can be a dissapointment sometimes. It's when you combine several substances things are getting to work. Paneuromix ® contains adoptogens which are not considered nootropics, but they promote body and mind to cope with stress and in this way boost cognition. Due to lowering levels of stress, effects of other ingredients can become more noticable.

Daily convenience

As experiences nootropical experts we know that even things that are beneficial and make us feel better do not blend easily in daily routine when they are a hassle to use. That's why we combine everything your brain needs in the Paneuromix ® formula. Just take it every morning, that's it !

Active dosages

Many supplements contain ingredients based on a marketing plan, just to be able to claim that an ingredient is inside a product low dosages are included. In Paneuromix ® only really active levels are included making the formula costly (although relatively affordable) but effective. We don't compromise.

Open approach

In creating our formula we were not predetermined to use only ingredients of "natural origin" or any other predetermination. We just assembled substances that we gound most effective.