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NZT-48 is a fictional drug from the movie "Limitless" in which you see Bradley Cooper becoming incredibly smart (4 digit IQ) after taking a transparent pill, NZT. Of course this is fictional but it inspired neuroscientists from Holland to make a nootropical blend that would boost cognitive functioning in multiple ways while being suitable for daily use. It had to be a blend that could be taken by one type of capsules for daily convenience, boost memory functioning, cognitive speed, comprehension, mood, concentration, clearing brainfog while at the same time calming you down. For this we developed a comprehensive formula of which NZT.1 is the first generation of NZT. We optioned to exclude stimulating, adrenergical substances because they can give a subjective feeling of being awake and clear, but objectively they easily impede cognitive functioning especially when it comes down to precision and apprehension. We wanted a NZT that feels like driving a turbo diesel, a mild stimulated clear feeling in the head that allows focussing (speeding up at already high speed) when necessary but allows at the same time for rapid shifting.

Contrary to many other formulas NZT.1 contains high dosages of active compounds, for example 300mg Alpha-GPC. Besides this the combination of compunds is well thought of, for example Ginseng an Ginkgo have been proven to improve focus and memory when combined in proper dosages.

You can test the results of NZT.1 yourself on our website.